About Us

Gravity Union is a consultancy firm that specializes in creating user-focused ECM solutions built on the Microsoft stack including SharePoint, Collabware and Office 365. CEO Michael Schweitzer, one of the world's few Collabware MVP's, along with a team of specialized SharePoint and Collabware consultants bring over 40 years of combined experience in information technology and a passion for ECM.

What we do

We work closely with your organization to plan, execute and maintain ECM solutions. We can help with everything from planning, training and strategy to project execution, governance and long term support. Learn more about our capabilities

How we do it


Right-sizing the engagement

We firmly believe that ECM solutions are intimate ventures that require a trusted partnership between your organization, service providers and software vendors. No two organizations are alike and each has varying needs around functionality, service and support. Helping you find the right level of each to ensure long term success and ROI is fundamental to the success of your engagement.  


Keeping it light and nimble

We believe that ECM programs should be lean, agile and value focused. Too much process and ceremony can stall out an ECM initiative with the best of intentions; while a lack of governance and planning can send things off in the wrong direction. It's more of an art than a science; and helping you figure out the right balance and evolving it over time is critical to keep things moving and maximizing value.


Focusing on the end user

End users are critical to the success of an ECM solution, but sometimes they can be the biggest hurdle. By involving end users in the process of creating exceptional experiences, you will help to drive adoption, provide measurable value and ultimately improve compliance. 

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Download our corporate fact sheet to learn more about Gravity Union.

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