At our core, we are a digital transformation consultancy. Helping organizations deploy, adopt and manage digital workplaces is no easy task, but we do our best to make it easy.

Digital transformations are hard. It requires integration and coordination of a wide range of information management systems and almost always requires a behavioral change from employees who operate under defined policies. As a result, many large scale digital transformation initiatives fail to achieve wide-spread adoption and 100% success. It is against these challenges that Gravity Union has embarked on the creation of a novel approach designed with the goal of delivering an elegant, automated and highly adopted solution that employees derive value from all while allowing organizations to meet their needs around compliance.

We have opted to focus on SharePoint, Office 365, Collabware CLM and Collabspace as our core offering for creating digital workplaces. We believe that SharePoint stands out as a platform which is more easily adopted than other platforms and we have seen the success that Collabware and Collabspace can bring for compliance.