sharepoint, collabware and office 365 experts for the education sector

At Gravity Union, we build web-based portals and applications based on SharePoint, Office 365 and Collabware to help organizations in the education sector centralize content, streamline information sharing and better connect faculties, departments, students, and administration.

How we help organizations in the education sectoR

We provide quality, intuitive and well-built solutions to help you:

  • Better manage documents via check-in/check-out and version control.

  • Implement departmental web pages to build engagement or manage educators, students, and personnel.

  • Reduce administrative expenses by keeping all information in one central location instead of managing multiple repositories.

  • Organize internal campaigns to facilitate collaboration between students and instructors.

  • Ensure the availability, usability, and integrity of your information to meet local, state and federal requirements.

  • Move towards a paperless environment when all documents are digitized for easy access.


Educational insTItutions we work with

  • Universities

  • School Boards

  • Public and Private Colleges

  • Public and Private Schools