How we help government organizations

Leveraging the productivity tools in Office 365, coupled with appropriate SharePoint and Collabware development, we help government organizations collect, analyze and disseminate vast amounts of data. We also help government organizations streamline collaborations between disparate offices and departments while maintaining security to sensitive information.

Our experts work with you on solutions across the following technologies

We provide quality, intuitive and well-built solutions that can:

  • Manage electronic records in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Store records and data through the lifecycle in order to provide evidence of reliability, integrity and authenticity of records.
  • Ensure records can be easily accessed through robust search capabilities protect personal and confidential information through role-based privileges. 
  • Keep track of all document access through access logs, audits, legal holds and alert capabilities.
  • Ensure records are disposed according to records retention schedules.

Government sectors we work with

  • Education/Higher Education

  • Energy & Natural Resources

  • Environment

  • Forestry

  • Health

  • Justice

  • Local Government

  • Liquor Boards

  • Social Services

  • Transportation