Application Integration is one of Gravity Union’s capabilities that set us apart from other Microsoft and Collabware service providers in the marketplace. When managing master data across an enterprise, it’s critical for those data sets to be housed and maintained in a single source of truth.

Integrating applications can be done via existing middleware products in the marketplace, or through developing custom integration solutions. Gravity Union can help you with either one.

Both SharePoint and Collabware have open API’s and Gravity Union has many successful example integration project code bases to pull from which will keep your costs down.

Gravity Union offers custom development services for web applications with flexible APIs (Application Interface) that can make the digital conversations with your other applications smooth and reliable. Our team of developers have created many robust, flexible solutions for our clients.

Our philosophy for custom integration solutions follows that of our migration philosophy:

  • Configurable – allowing for reuse and last-minute changes

  • Traceable – provides an audit trail and integration statistics and evidence of successful transactions

  • Efficient – will provide the ability to run the migration across multiple threads, minimizing the total time required for migration and reducing the overall impact to the business

  • Recoverable – the integration solution can be stopped and started even in the event of system failure and pick up where it left off

Integrating your enterprise applications is the best way to achieve information management best practices so that your organization can: 

  • Maintain a single source of truth for enterprise data and documents 

  • Avoid duplication of data and documents 

  • Manage records in one compliant records management system