ARMA InfoCon 2019 in Nashville

Gravity Union is excited to announce that we’ll be at this year’s ARMA InfoCon in Nashville, TN!

Pop by our booth and let’s chat all things records management and information governanance!

When: Monday, October 21 - Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Where: Gaylord Opryland Resort

Find out more and register here for the event.

MISA BC Fall Conference 2019 in Whistler

Join Gravity Union and other senior local government decision makers at MISA BC in Whistler!

About this year’s MISA BC Fall Conference:

This year’s event focuses on the rapidly changing technology landscape and the impact that the data we collect and manage can have using technologies such as machine learning, analytics, IoT, and AI. As local government practitioners, how do these technologies impact our organizations from operational and service delivery perspectives? What are the policy, privacy, security, and ethical concerns that need to be understood and managed? Hope to see you all in Whistler!

When: September 9-12, 2019

Where: Fairmont Chateau, Whistler BC

Register here and find out more about MISA BC here.

ARMA Canada Live in Montreal

Join us for the three day ARMA Canada Live Conference in Montreal at Le Centre Sheraton Hotel! Meet fellow records managers and information architects, and learn from industry experts. Gain relevant and up-to-date insight into new and emerging topics and trends.

Michael Schweitzer will be delivering two presentations on the topic of compliance in today’s digital workspaces:

  • Compliance in the Cloud will be hosted on Monday, June 3, 2019 from 2:15pm to 3:15pm at M33 (Salon 6&7)

  • Compliance in Office 365 will be hosted on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 from 1:30pm to 2:00pm at W44 (Salon 4&5)

Download the full conference schedule here.

Register for the conference here.

Swing by our booth and say hello if you will be joining us. Hope to see you there!

Gravity Union Releases the Collabware Reporting Pack!

Gravity Union has released our Collabware Reporting Pack v 1.0. The Collabware Reporting Pack is a compilation of Power BI reports that can:

  • Help you assess and manage adoption of the solution

  • Gain insight into the coverage of classification and compliance

  • Assess the completeness and correctness of configuration.

We’ve developed these reports based on the dozens of SharePoint and Collabware CLM projects that we’ve completed over the years and have are excited to be able to offer these reports to our existing, new and future clients.

 Here are some examples:

Actions by Library Report

Record State Over Time Report

File RElationship locations

File RElationship locations

 While we’re adding new reports all the time, the current list of Collabware reports we offer:

·        ACL Access – Everything a given ACL has access to

·        Active Hold Items – List of items associated with an active hold, with hold name

·        Aggregate Configuration – Aggregate types with their Record Category and ACL

·        Aggregate Instances – List of Aggregates and their type, category and ACL

·        Aggregate Template Usage – Aggregate types and their existing instances

·        Audit by Site Collection – Count of Collabware Events over a date range, broken down by Site Collection

·        Audit by Site – Count of Collabware Events over a date range, broken down by Site

·        Audit by Library – Count of Collabware Events over a date range, broken down by Library

·        Audit by User – Count of Collabware Events over a date range, broken down by User and Site

·        Audit by Record Category – Count of Collabware Events over a date range, broken down by Record Category and Site

·        Audit Detail – List of Collabware Events over a date range, broken down by user, location and file name

·        Actions Over Time – Summary chart of events over a date range

·        Empty ACLs – Access Control Levels with no members

·        File Relationship Locations – A visual representation for relationships between files

·        Library Content Types – List of all libraries and content types associated to them, include highlight of libraries with more than 1 content type

·        Policies Without Content Rules – Record Categories and Policies with no associated Content Rules

·        Reclassified Content – List of items that have been assigned Record Categories more than once

·        Record Category by Content Rule – List of Content Rules and any Record Categories associated to them

·        Record Category by Workflow – List of Workflows and any Record Categories associated to them

·        Record Category Configuration – List of Record Categories and their configurations including Policies, Workflows and Content Rules

·        Record Category Content Rules – List of Record Categories and their associated Content Rules

·        Record Category Policies – List of Record Categories and their associated Policies

·        Record Category Workflows – List of Record Categories and their associated Workflows

·        Record Category Security – List of Record Categories and any ACLs associated to them

·        Record Category Move to Repository – List of Record Categories with Workflows using a Move to Repository action, and their associated Repositories

·        Record Category Repositories – List of Record Categories and their repositories, if applicable

·        Record Category Usage – Current snapshot, count of files per Record Category

·        Record States Over Time – Cumulative count, by date, of Active, Potential and Un-categorized files across Sites

·        Record States – Current snapshot, count of Active, Potential and Un-categorized files across Sites

·        Unpublished Workflows – List of workflows with no published versions

·        Unused ACLs – ACLs that exist but have not be associated to anything

·        Unused Content Rules – Content Rules that exist but have not been used by any Policies

·        Unused Workflows – Workflows that exist but have not been used by any Policies

The Collabware Reporting Package works for both Collabware 3.X and 4.X.  Note that if your organization does not have Power BI we can work with you to deploy the reports into any reporting platform such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

If you’re nterested or would like more information, please contact us at

ARMA Houston 2019

ARMA Houston 2019

Join us for the two day 2019 ARMA Houston event! Come and learn what’s new and exciting in all things records management, information governance, and compliance. We’ll show you how you can leverage SharePoint, Collabware, and Collabspace (Collabware’s innovative cloud offering) to make the most out of your digital investment.

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Counting Down to SharePoint Toronto 2018!

At Gravity Union, we’re counting down to next month’s SharePoint Toronto event on November 24th, 2018!

Michael Schweitzer, our founder and principal will deliver a talk on:

Compliance in the Cloud

In this session, we’ll look at how Office 365 approaches data governance as well as how emerging technologies like block-chain and machine learning may play a future roll in meeting organizational needs around compliance in the cloud. We’ll also look at third party design patterns for enterprise data governance in the cloud and hybrid (on premises and cloud based) content scenarios.

If you’re a SharePoint user in Greater Toronto Area, be sure to attend the event, check out our presentation, and network with fellow Torontonian SharePoint users. Can’t wait to see you there!

For more information about SPS Saturday Toronto, go to

See you at SharePoint Saturday Ottawa 2018!

SharePoint administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies will meet once again for their 7th annual SPS Ottawa event 2018 on November 10th at Algonquin College located at 1385 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2G 1V8 (Building ACCE).

SharePoint Saturday Ottawa is an educational, informative, and interactive day filled with sessions from respected Asure, SharePoint and Office 365 professionals covering a wide variety of SharePoint/Office 365-orientated topics. SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint & Office 365!

Be sure to tune in to our presentation if you’re planning to go to SharePoint Saturday Ottawa! We look forward to seeing you there!

Gravity Union at ARMA LIVE 2018!

The benefits and risks of an organization’s critical information assets are widely acknowledged, but how to harness that benefit and appropriately mitigate that risk continue to be real challenges for most organizations. There is an urgent need to ensure programs and solutions are designed to address the full life cycle of information in a comprehensive way.

From October 22nd-24th, you can join Gravity Union at ARMA Live 2018 Conference where you will get the chance to connect with industry professionals, learn about information and records management, and shape the industry. The networking opportunities and education sessions at the Conference will educate, empower, and embolden you so that you can make a greater, more positive difference in your organization and community.

Learn more about ARMA Live 2018 Conference here. We hope to see you there!

SharePoint Conference North America 2018 Event Recap

Last month, Gravity Union attended the annual SharePoint Conference North America. It was a very full and eventful week, but we left the event feeling inspired as we look forward to using the new functionalities in the next version of SharePoint in the near future.

In case you missed the event, here are just some of the highlights from this year’s show.

SharePoint Spaces

The unveiling of SharePoint Spaces – Virtual Reality management of SharePoint Content. SharePoint Spaces will allow anyone to create mixed reality experiences for a variety of work-related purposes. It’s fully integrated into SharePoint, can be incorporated as a part of a SharePoint site, and is compatible with any browser and computer type.

Product Announcements

Overall, we were very impressed with the strategic direction of the product. Here are our top takeaways from the event:

Organizational News

There is now Organizational News within SharePoint to compliment the existing Team News functionality. Organizational news allows corporate communications team to publish internal news which gets higher priority and looks more “official”. There will also be enhancements to the news functionality overall including categories and scheduled publishing.

Enhanced Search in Office 365

Advanced customizability of the search surface in Office 365 to provide suggestions (like what we used to do with Promoted Results), additional organization context and advanced filtering/refining.

Bottom line: Everything we used to be able to do in Enterprise Search is now coming to the Office 365 Search Surface. While Search is displayed inside SharePoint, the same experience is available everywhere in Office 365 and on mobile. The customizations and extensibility will apply everywhere search is available. Adding organization specific refiners like department, product etc. to the search experience has been a big ask we’ve encountered in the field.

Image Editing on Modern Pages

There will be enhanced functionality on modern pages for working with images. You will now be able to crop and resize images directly in the authoring experience of modern pages.

Here are some of the other highlights that we saw at the Conference:

* A new dashboard specifically for GDPR

* Microsoft introduced a new SharePoint migration tool

* A demo of the upcoming Windows Defender update

If you'd like to know more about the above or Office 365 and SharePoint in general, talk to one of our consultants at

Leading SharePoint and Collabware Implementation Partner Joins PSIGEN Partnership Program

Gravity Union, a leading implementation partner of SharePoint and Collabware, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with PSIGEN.

As a PSIGEN partner, Gravity Union has the ability to resell and implement one of the world’s leading data capture and extraction solutions.  PSIGEN’s stable document processing solutions extends the breadth of the Gravity Union’s offering when it comes to enterprise content management.

“For years we have enjoyed enormous success implementing SharePoint and Collabware solutions for our customers and with the recent addition of PSIGEN to our service offering, we have the opportunity to expand on this success. Gravity Union can now offer customers the opportunity to automate the capture of specific information from their physical and electronic documents. For example, no more manual rekeying of information from invoices, contracts or agreements." says Rod Hicks, Director of Business Development.

With PSIGEN's PSIcapture solution, users can take a scanned document, identify the document and extract the necessary information and migrate that information to a specific location, such as SharePoint. Once in SharePoint, Collabware CLM can apply retention rules - which means one automated process from scan to data to storage to record creation. 

Hicks adds, "It is easy to justify the investment in the PSIcapture product as it automates what typically used to be a manual process for most customers.  PSIcapture reduces labour costs and increases accuracy and through put of data.” 

For more than two decades, PSIGEN has provided software to improve processes around the capture and management of paper, digital documents and other mission-critical information.

“We are excited about our partnership with PSIGEN,” says Michael Schweitzer, Gravity Union’s Founder and CEO. "Our customers will greatly benefit from the process improvement provided by PSIGEN's applications."

"Gravity Union's expertise, combined with the document capture capabilities of PSIGEN, can benefit our customers by automating their complex business processes and providing them with greater control over their documents, " says Schweitzer.

About Gravity Union

Gravity Union is a consultancy firm that specializes in creating user-focused ECM solutions built on the Microsoft stack including SharePoint, Collabware and Office 365. Founder Michael Schweitzer, one of the world's few Collabware MVP's, along with a team of specialized SharePoint and Collabware consultants bring over 40 years of combined experience in information technology and a passion for ECM.

About PSIGEN Software

PSIGEN Software, Inc., is an innovative developer of end-to-end document capture, business process automation and content management solutions. 

Collabware Receives Records Management Standard DoD 5015.2 Certification

Congratulations to our friends at Collabware – their Collabware CLM is now DISA JITC certified for DoD 5015.2 compliance!

DoD 5015.2 is the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) Design Criteria Standard for Electronic Records Management Software Applications. It is endorsed by government agencies worldwide, including the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and its standards have been used as a basis for many global records management benchmarks. Following its adoption by the public sector, many private sector businesses now routinely use the certification as the “Gold Standard” for records management solutions.

Aligning with Presidential Mandate M-12-18 for federal government bodies to go paperless and enlist proper electronic record keeping systems by the December 31st, 2019, Collabware provides assurance to records managers that legal and regulatory compliance guidelines are being met.

Collabware CLM enhances Microsoft SharePoint with functionality to ensure complete and compliant records management along with fully automated workflows for content lifecycle management.

Congratulations again to Collabware for achieving this important certification!

To read the story on Collabware's website, click here.

About Collabware

Collabware provides intelligent information management and team collaboration software designed to make teams more productive, protect high-value information, and help organizations rapidly locate the information they need to make better decisions. With offices in Canada, USA and the UK, Collabware has been internationally deployed by companies in regulated industries, including finance & insurance; mining & natural resources; government; healthcare & pharmaceutical; manufacturing, utilities & transportation; and entertainment & education.

For more information, visit

About Gravity Union

Gravity Union is a consultancy firm that specializes in creating user-focused ECM solutions built on the Microsoft stack including SharePoint, Collabware and Office 365. Founder Michael Schweitzer, one of the world's few Collabware MVP's, along with a team of specialized SharePoint and Collabware consultants bring over 40 years of combined experience in information technology and a passion for ECM.

Gravity Union at ARMA Canada Conference 2018


It's an eventful time for Gravity Union with employees busy preparing to attend the ARMA Canada Conference taking place from May 28-30 in Vancouver, Canada. 

Each year, ARMA Canada's annual conference brings people together from all across Canada (government, private sector, and not-for-profit) and provides educational sessions, networking opportunities and knowledge of current services and technologies through the Exhibit Hall. 

Come visit us at booth 5!

Our founder and principal consultant, Michael Schweitzer, is a regular at ARMA Canada and this year, our consultants will be there in person to actively promote Collabware and its key features at the booth.

In addition to the booth, Gravity Union welcomes everyone to attend their presentations at ARMA Canada Conference.  

Here are the scheduled Gravity Union presentation time slots and descriptions:

The Future of Records Management
The records management community is currently challenged with an ever-changing and increasingly fractured digital landscape. In this session, we’ll walk you through how emerging technologies like Blockchain, Applied Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Quantum Computing and Cloud Computing will help create the records management systems of the future.

Speaker Bio: 
Michael Schweitzer is the CEO, founder and principal consultant of Gravity Union Solutions Limited, a consultancy firm that specializes in creating user-focused and highly adopted ECM solutions built on the Microsoft stack including SharePoint, Collabware, Nintex and Office 365.

Are we there yet? Introduction to the SharePoint/ Collabware Implementation at the First Nations Summit

A guided tour of the First Nations Summit’s SharePoint and Collabware implementation, with a brief history of the project and lessons learned along the way. This case study will outline the project requirements, the process for software selection, how we approached the implementation, and the sometimes-arduous journey from (pipe) dream, to glaring reality. Sandra will provide the context for the project and Sam will take you through the inner sanctum to see how it all works to meet the recordkeeping needs of the First Nations Summit.

Speaker Bio:

Sandra Dunkin (MLIS, CRM, IGP) is the Records & Information Management Coordinator at the First Nations Summit (FNS) where she also has responsibility for IT. Sandra is the project manager for the SharePoint implementation at the FNS. She is also currently Chair of ARMA Vancouver’s First Nations RIM Symposium Planning Committee.

Sam Hoff is an ECM Consultant at the Gravity Union. He is passionate about providing user experience focused solutions to meet records management needs. Having backgrounds in both the technical and human sides of technology, he has been focused on ECM and Records Management solutions based on SharePoint for the past five years.

Gravity Union Joins Sharegate Partner Program


February 12th, 2018 (Vancouver, BC) – Gravity Union, a leading implementation partner of SharePoint and Collabware, today announced that it had joined the Sharegate Partner Program.

The partnership grants Gravity Union with the ability to distribute Sharegate’s SharePoint and Office 365 content migration application across Canada. Additionally, Gravity Union will have the proper resources, training, and technology to provide implementation, support and customization services.

“Gravity Union is thrilled to become a Sharegate partner,” said Michael Schweitzer, Gravity Union’s Founder and CEO. “Migration is a huge component of our SharePoint and Collabware projects and Sharegate is one of the most effective tools that we've come across.”

“We are excited to see where this relationship takes us as we continue to empower organizations across Canada and US to take control of their information,” said Schweitzer.

About Gravity Union

Gravity Union is a consultancy firm that specializes in creating user-focused ECM solutions built on the Microsoft stack including SharePoint, Collabware and Office 365. Founder Michael Schweitzer, one of the world's few Collabware MVP's, along with a team of specialized SharePoint and Collabware consultants bring over 40 years of combined experience in information technology and a passion for ECM.