We're talking at the Calgary SharePoint Saturday conference!

We're super excited to be presenting at the Calgary SharePoint Saturday event next month on April 23rd, 2016! Our founder and principal consultant will be delivering a talk on standardizing on SharePoint for ECM. Here's the description of our talk:

In this current economic climate, organizations need to reduce expenses and protect themselves from unnecessary and potentially costly risks. At the same time, many organizations in Calgary through previous cycles of acquisitions and divestitures have inherited multiple ECM platforms in their organizations, in some cases costing millions in ongoing software assurance and consulting fees. SharePoint and its ecosystem of increasingly sophisticated third party add-ons, more than ever before, allow organizations to leverage SharePoint for collaboration and compliance that meet even the most complex needs around records management. In this session we will review how standardizing on SharePoint for ECM can save your organization money, review trends in the 3rd party add-on ecosystem for SharePoint ECM, what to look for in third-party products and best practices around large scale SharePoint ECM projects, and discuss managing records in the cloud.

We hope to see you there!

To find out more visit: http://www.spsevents.org/city/calgary/calgary2016