Gravity Union at ARMA Canada Conference 2018


It's an eventful time for Gravity Union with employees busy preparing to attend the ARMA Canada Conference taking place from May 28-30 in Vancouver, Canada. 

Each year, ARMA Canada's annual conference brings people together from all across Canada (government, private sector, and not-for-profit) and provides educational sessions, networking opportunities and knowledge of current services and technologies through the Exhibit Hall. 

Come visit us at booth 5!

Our founder and principal consultant, Michael Schweitzer, is a regular at ARMA Canada and this year, our consultants will be there in person to actively promote Collabware and its key features at the booth.

In addition to the booth, Gravity Union welcomes everyone to attend their presentations at ARMA Canada Conference.  

Here are the scheduled Gravity Union presentation time slots and descriptions:

The Future of Records Management
The records management community is currently challenged with an ever-changing and increasingly fractured digital landscape. In this session, we’ll walk you through how emerging technologies like Blockchain, Applied Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Quantum Computing and Cloud Computing will help create the records management systems of the future.

Speaker Bio: 
Michael Schweitzer is the CEO, founder and principal consultant of Gravity Union Solutions Limited, a consultancy firm that specializes in creating user-focused and highly adopted ECM solutions built on the Microsoft stack including SharePoint, Collabware, Nintex and Office 365.

Are we there yet? Introduction to the SharePoint/ Collabware Implementation at the First Nations Summit

A guided tour of the First Nations Summit’s SharePoint and Collabware implementation, with a brief history of the project and lessons learned along the way. This case study will outline the project requirements, the process for software selection, how we approached the implementation, and the sometimes-arduous journey from (pipe) dream, to glaring reality. Sandra will provide the context for the project and Sam will take you through the inner sanctum to see how it all works to meet the recordkeeping needs of the First Nations Summit.

Speaker Bio:

Sandra Dunkin (MLIS, CRM, IGP) is the Records & Information Management Coordinator at the First Nations Summit (FNS) where she also has responsibility for IT. Sandra is the project manager for the SharePoint implementation at the FNS. She is also currently Chair of ARMA Vancouver’s First Nations RIM Symposium Planning Committee.

Sam Hoff is an ECM Consultant at the Gravity Union. He is passionate about providing user experience focused solutions to meet records management needs. Having backgrounds in both the technical and human sides of technology, he has been focused on ECM and Records Management solutions based on SharePoint for the past five years.