SharePoint Conference North America 2018 Event Recap

Last month, Gravity Union attended the annual SharePoint Conference North America. It was a very full and eventful week, but we left the event feeling inspired as we look forward to using the new functionalities in the next version of SharePoint in the near future.

In case you missed the event, here are just some of the highlights from this year’s show.

SharePoint Spaces

The unveiling of SharePoint Spaces – Virtual Reality management of SharePoint Content. SharePoint Spaces will allow anyone to create mixed reality experiences for a variety of work-related purposes. It’s fully integrated into SharePoint, can be incorporated as a part of a SharePoint site, and is compatible with any browser and computer type.

Product Announcements

Overall, we were very impressed with the strategic direction of the product. Here are our top takeaways from the event:

Organizational News

There is now Organizational News within SharePoint to compliment the existing Team News functionality. Organizational news allows corporate communications team to publish internal news which gets higher priority and looks more “official”. There will also be enhancements to the news functionality overall including categories and scheduled publishing.

Enhanced Search in Office 365

Advanced customizability of the search surface in Office 365 to provide suggestions (like what we used to do with Promoted Results), additional organization context and advanced filtering/refining.

Bottom line: Everything we used to be able to do in Enterprise Search is now coming to the Office 365 Search Surface. While Search is displayed inside SharePoint, the same experience is available everywhere in Office 365 and on mobile. The customizations and extensibility will apply everywhere search is available. Adding organization specific refiners like department, product etc. to the search experience has been a big ask we’ve encountered in the field.

Image Editing on Modern Pages

There will be enhanced functionality on modern pages for working with images. You will now be able to crop and resize images directly in the authoring experience of modern pages.

Here are some of the other highlights that we saw at the Conference:

* A new dashboard specifically for GDPR

* Microsoft introduced a new SharePoint migration tool

* A demo of the upcoming Windows Defender update

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