Helping you get ready

Successful digital transformation programs are more than just installation and training. It's critical that you roll out the solution in a deliberate and thoughtful way. Proper planning can truly make or break your project. Team up with Gravity Union to combine our experience and best practices with your organizational knowledge to create strategies and approaches that fit your organization's culture, experience and needs.



A well crafted vision helps to focus the organization on the task at hand, supports buy-in from across the organization and enables decision making on an ongoing basis. Gravity Union can help you craft a practical, yet inspiring vision to help galvanize the organization around your ECM initiative.


Road mapping 

It's important to start with the right department, function or process and then move through subsequent areas of the business that are ready, willing and able to participate. Gravity Union can assist in creating a meaningful road map that maximizes your chances for success.


Implementation planning

Before you engage with the first department, it's critical that you've worked out the core implementation approaches, including: security, search, records management, change management, governance and migration. Gravity Union can help you work out your implementation approaches before hand and evolve them as the footprint of the solution increases. 


Stakeholder training

It can be hard to roll out a platform that you haven't used before. Gravity Union can bring you up to speed, training your organization on all aspects from set-up and administration to configuration and best practices.


E-Discovery dry runs

Practice makes perfect and litigation isn't an optimal time to be learning new skills sets. Gravity Union can work with you to make sure you're prepared for E-Discovery by walking you through SharePoint and Collabware's E-Discovery functionality in real world scenarios on your data to make sure you're prepared.