Getting your content into SharePoint successfully involves more than just lifting and shifting from it’s original source into your new platform, it requires translating and transforming your content into a new structure so that it can leverage metadata and a new information architecture ensuring adoption, a great user experience, easy navigation, and supporting searching, sorting and filtering of content.

We’ve successfully migrated millions of documents, list items and database entries for our clients into SharePoint and Collabware CLM.

Our migration projects typically include:

  • SharePoint to SharePoint & One Drive

  • Network File Storage to SharePoint & One Drive

  • Other ECM platforms to SharePoint & One Drive

  • Other ECM platforms to Collabware CLM (for physical records)

  • Database to Database

How Gravity Union Can Help

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Strategy and Planning

We work with our clients to share our experience, best practices and know-how to develop a migration approach that meets the needs of your organization, we’ll work with you on the big questions such as:

  • How far back do we migrate?

  • What do we do with our non-migrated content?

  • What tools and resources will we leverage?

  • How will we engage with the end users?

  • What will be everyone’s roles and responsibilities?

  • How do we deal with issues like setting the created by field in SharePoint for a user that is no longer in Active Directory?

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Migration Scripts and Solutions

Gravity Union has 100’s of example power shell scripts and several example .NET solutions that facilitate migration. We can work with your solution to leverage our example code and scripts to develop a solution to meet your exacting needs? We ensure that our migration solutions are:

  • Performance: Allowing the scripts to run against production while minimizing the impact to end users

  • Multi-threaded: to ensure that all the content is migrated in a timely fashion

  • Repeatable: to ensure that if the script needs to be re-run that it doesn’t migrate the same content twice

  • Stoppable: Ensuring that the scripts can pick up where they left off with out having to start from square one

  • Configurable: Allowing you go get the most value out of the scripts we produce

  • Testable: Allowing you to validate that the migration had successfully completed

  • Traceable: Logging issues, errors and warnings to a centralized

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Tool Configuration

Gravity Union has experience with several third party migration tools, notably we’re partners with ShareGate which has become the most popular tool for migrations into SharePoint.


Migration Dry Runs and Validation

Before migrating content into production we work with our clients to run dry runs of the migration process into a non-production environment and then test and validate that the migration process was successful, making notes of any issues that arise.


Execution and Post Go-live Support

Once we’re ready, we’ll support the process to migrate content into the production system, ensuring a smooth transition into the new platform.