Our Partners

Collabware's suite of products includes best of breed records management, collaboration and productivity add-ons for SharePoint that focus on being simple, seamless, and transparent for end users. From electronic and physical records management to workflow and Outlook integration, Collabware turns your SharePoint environment into a compliant and productive solution to meet even the most demanding needs from the largest organizations. Gravity Union is one of the most experienced Collabware partners in the market today and and is lucky to have one of the world's few Collabware MVP's on staff. 

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential, however they define it. Woven throughout daily life, whether it be work or play, Microsoft technologies flourish when they get into the hands of millions of partners and customers enabling innovation, often in new and exciting ways. N


Nintex Forms and Workflow helps automate and improve simple and elaborate processes. Designed for business users and IT professionals alike, Nintex  Workflow transforms your business processes by bringing together your people, your processes and your content - quickly, easily and seamlessly.


Sharegate simplifies the digital workplace so that organizations can benefit from its full potential. Trusted by over 25000 IT administrators worldwide, Sharegate helps move their business to the cloud, gain visibility over their Office 365 & SharePoint, and keep control of their environments.